Accepted Papers

  • Using NLP Approach for Analyzing Customer Reviews
    Saleem Abuleil and Khalid Alsamara, Chicago State University, USA

    Mobile ad hoc network got outstanding success as well as tremendous attention due to its self maintenance and self configuration properties or behavior. Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) work without any fixed infrastructure and each node in the network behaves as a router in order to transmit data towards the destination. MANET’s are vulnerable to various types of attacks due to inherently in-secure wireless communication medium and multi hop routing communication process. Jelly Fish periodic drop attack is a new Denial of Service (DoS) attack. In Periodic Drop attack, JF nodes randomly discard some packets over a specified period during communication process over the network. Due to congestion, a node is forced to drop packets and if node drops packets periodically then TCP throughput will reduce to zero good put. In this paper, an implementation of periodic drop attack is implemented using routing protocols over voice based traffic in MANET. In addition to this, our simulation results also shed some light on the seriousness of the attacks caused by JF nodes and their effects on data communication.

  • A Code Plagiarism Detection System Based on Abstract Syntax Tree and A High-Level Fuzzy Petri Net
    Victor R. L. Shen and Farica P. Putri, National Taipei University, Taiwan

    Students, who majored in computer science, are required to design and code in a variety of programming languages. However, when many students submit the source code assignments they get from the Internet or friends with no or little modification. Finding plagiarisms done by the students is very time-consuming and can lead the problems to fair performance evaluation. This paper proposes a novel method of detecting the source code plagiarism by using a high-level fuzzy Petri net (HLFPN) based on abstract syntax tree (AST). Using AST can effectively detect the code plagiarism of changing the identifier or program statement order. Furthermore, the experimental results indicate that we are directed to make better determination to detect the code plagiarism.