Accepted Papers

  • Research Model of Complementarities for Software Programmer Productivity
    Natallia Pashkevich,
    Factors affecting software programmer's productivity as a research topic remains a challenge for both scholars and practitioners. In this paper, we propose a research model that addresses two key challenges of current literature, partiality of factors identified and generalizability from existing studies. The model is formulated based on a systems approach of the complementarity theory and includes generic factors of an individual worker's productivity, which account for cognitive, technological and organizational elements. The model's key contribution is in its unique configuration of two systems of complementarities, which have potential to add to the literature on the productivity of software programmer and on information worker productivity in general. The scarcity of qualified software programmers and the steady rise of their costs are all contributing to an interest in improving software programmers' productivity.
  • Arabic Dataset For Automatic Keyphrase Extraction
    Mohammed Al Logmani1and Husni Al Muhtaseb2,1Information Technology, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia,2Information & Computer Science Department, King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
    We propose a dataset in Arabic language for automatic keyphrase extraction algorithms. Our Arabic dataset contains 400 documents along with their keyphrases. The dataset covers eighteen different categories. An evaluation using a state-of-the-art algorithm demonstrates the accuracy of our dataset is similar to that of English datasets.